Destination Wedding Village in South West France

From a hilltop position in SW France...
Sits this restored 12th Century Stronghold…
Step through the arched stone threshold…
And discover this medieval village to hire!
An entire village for your friends and family
Create your own event your own way…
14 beautiful houses with accommodation for 80 guests
An Entire Village in SW France
Castelnau des Fieumarcon
Destination Wedding Village in South West France

Who We Are

Castelnau des Fieumarcon is a hilltop stronghold dating back to 1143 AC, sitting high on its perch surrounded by the untouched beauty of the Gascony countryside.

16 carefully renovated houses reside within the fortress walls, offering a venue unlike any other where you can inhabit entirely your own village and let the outside world wait for your return for a few magical days.

Today this exceptional village, steeped in history is available to hire for your special events and memorable occasions. Be part of the 800 year history by making your very own story here…

With a scenic landscape taking you back to medieval times, The Castelnau is more than just a Destination Wedding Village in South West France. It’s for your provate hire for family gatherings, group and business retreats, your holiday village fo rup to 80 guests onsite.

What We Do

The Castelnau specialises in one of a kind events – Destination Weddings, Corporate Retreats or Incentives and unforgettable Private Holidays.

We are a venue that offers endless possibilities and choice, the only limit is your imagination. Here is a place where you can bring people together to share time, to share ideas and to share some joy.

We can provide bespoke event planning and co-ordination for private hire and business hire alike.

As a Destination Wedding Village in South West France we aim high at what we provide.


Our Village & Houses

Within the village walls are 16 carefully renovated houses offering accommodation for up to 80 guests onsite. Each of the houses has its own style and decor, all filled with original art and antiques.

Wander the village streets, hopping between the intimate independent gardens of each house, to the larger more dramatic terraces at the corners of the village where the views of the countryside will assail you.

Benefitting also an immense Banqueting Hall, open air Chateau, onsite Church and swimming pool, the village has something for every possible moment you can conceive.

This Destination Wedding Village in South West France, internationally renown as The Castelnau, is the perfect setting for any event that seeks a breathtaking experience immersed in privacy and fresh air.






Private Hire