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An incredibly unique and intimate venue in a truly stunning part of France. Castelnau des Fieumarcon fulfilled our dreams and more of having a weekend-long and outdoor celebration of our marriage surrounded by our closest family and friends enjoying good food and wine. The village and its houses are beautiful and provided a stunning backdrop to enjoy it all. The team were incredible from early planning to final execution of the weekend and worked tirelessly to ensure we had the most amazing few days. It will forever remain a special place and memory for us and our guests. We would love to do it all over again and wouldn’t give it moment’s hesitation about booking this wonderful place and team again.

Sandy and Suzy / May 2020

How lucky we were to be able to stay in this magical little corner of the world for a few days and have such a helpful and wonderful team by our side. The weekend was everything we had wished for – and much more!! From the moment we came to visit for the first time we were blown away by the village; the fantastic views, the beautiful nature, the character and charm of each individual house and it’s décor – every little detail absolutely spot on! But also by the enthusiasm and positive attitude of you Anneli and Didier; we felt immediately, that we would be in good hands and walked away knowing this was the place!

Pia Duburcq / September 2017

Thank you so so much for taking care of us. You have to believe us when we say that we had absolutely the best day of our lives. That shouldn’t sound as strange as it feels but the expectation is always there but in the end; I think it was a perfect combination of unique venue, time, detail, our very closest friends and family, weather and of course your team which led us to a day that we will never ever forget. It was extraordinary and our memories of our wedding at that special place are rich and lush and full and colourful.

Cat & Russ / June 2017

We had a magical weekend for our wedding. Your village is just amazing and it was a dream to get married there. I remember the first time I came to visit, I fell in love with the venue and our wedding was as expected.
Thank you for all your hard work last weekend, this is massively appreciated and you made our life much easier.
Also, it was a real pleasure to work with you for the last 6 months to organise our wedding, you are always super positive, enthusiastic and very helpful. So smiling and this is just amazing!

Julie & Fabiien / October 2016

Le mariage est par définition le plus beau jour de notre vie mais si vous vous mariez au Castelnau des Fieumarcon, cela s’avèrera encore plus vrai. Nous avions choisi ce lieu car nous voulions que cet instant magique ne passe pas trop vite et que nous puissions profiter au maximum de nos amis et familles. De plus, je (la mariée) souhaitais faire découvrir et vivre le temps d’un week end, la beauté et le savoir vivre à la gersoise à tous nos invités qui n’étaient pas de la région. Presqu’un an après notre mariage, nous n’avons toujours pas les mots pour définir ce moment, tant il fut EXTRAORDINAIRE – au sens littéral du terme-. Le village, le lieu de réception et les maisons sont sublimes et l’équipe est généralissime.

Candice & Louis / July 2016

It cannot be disputed that, from the images of Castelnau des Fieumarcon, it is a beautiful venue with the potential to make any event wonderful but the magic of it can only be experienced in person and once you’ve met the team that not only maintain it’s integrity but also ensure your event is beyond your wildest dreams, not to mention to picture perfect rolling hills that surround the it. The team went above and beyond for us, treating us like old friends not clients, all weekend and we are forever grateful as we were able to start this new chapter of our lives with so many wonderful memories.

Sam & Tash / May 2016

The most beautiful wedding venue in the most magical setting. The ultimate, rustic, wild, romantic and enchanting hideaway. Our wedding at the village was spectacular and it’s impossible to thank the team enough for everything they did to make our wedding weekend special. All of our guests would like to live in the village forever. Maybe one day we will!

Laura R. / August 2016

Hi Anneli, Didier,
We just wanted to write again to say the biggest thank you to you both for our truly magical weekend! Our guests were blown away with how beautiful, unique and peaceful the village was. I think everyone fell in love with it immediately.
The wedding was perfect in every single way, largely due to all your help and support throughout the weekend. Anneli the food on Friday was superb and far surpassed our expectations. You’ve been such a pleasure to work with throughout the process – I can’t imagine how do it!
Thank you both so much for all your hard work behind the scenes to make everything run so seamlessly. It’s not hard to tell the village is a lot of work, but you both made is shine last weekend.

Tom & Anouska / July 2017

You and all your team worked tirelessly, and were friendly, cheerful and, above all, professional. Whenever we looked around, there were always people working in the background, whether preparing and serving food, moving furniture, or answering questions. All of this was essential to the weekend’s success, and all of it happened without any fuss or drama.
We loved the stylish accommodation, not just the impressive house selected for us as the groom’s parents, but the others of various shapes and sizes that we explored. It wouldn’t be surprising if couples who were there as guests proposed to each other on the spot, so as to come back as bride and groom in your wonderful venue.

Angela & Andrew Buchanen / June 2017