The DaST Collection

“Create links and value between Landscape, Architectural Heritage, traditional activities and social habits while introducing a sustainable contemporary way of life”. DaST motto

DaST – Design a Sustainable Tomorrow – was born in 1975 and refined through the hands of Frederic Coustols, in collaboration with students and professors from the South China University of Technology and the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

DaST is defined as a pioneering group whose goal is to develop around the globe a significant variety of projects that value the relationship and connection with the local landscape, architectural history, traditional activities and social habits, introducing a new sustainable and contemporary way of life.

The sustainable restoration projects held by DaST are:

Castelnau des Fieumarcon [ Lagarde | France ]
website: www.gascony.org

Palácio Belmonte [ Lisbon | Portugal ]
website: www.palaciobelmonte.com
complete info: www.gascony.org/palacio-belmonte/

Jiu Xian Garden Village [ China ]
website: www.chinalandmarks.com
complete info: www.gascony.org/jiu-xian/

Rostov Port Street [ Russia ]
website: www.rostovport.ru
complete info: www.gascony.org/rostov-port-street/

Ban Song School [ Thailand ]
website: www.bansongschool.org
complete info: www.gascony.org/ban-song-school/

Bairro Destino Lisboa [ Portugal ]
website: www.palaciobelmonte.com
complete info:

Vale de Caparide [ Cascais | Portugal ]
website: www.valedecaparide.com

Portuguese Marroco

Setúbal district proposal [ Setúbal | Portugal ]

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