The DaST
Rostov Port Street

Workshop International Seminar / April 2011
Port Street Social and Sustainable Regeneration show case.
Creating a  new icon/ landmark in Rostov

Project objectives:

Regeneration of the small housing and old industrial district of Rostov known as Port Street i.e The transformation of this little district in a new icon/landmark for the City of Rostov.
The project will be conducted according to the DaST compass meaning: We must bring the district to sustainability by fulfilling it’s needs through local production of renewable energy, balance the co2 produced by the district, regenerate the waters in an organic way, clean up the garbage dump, rejuvenate the green belt and make it accessible to the residents living by it, improve the built-in structure and render it more attractive and pleasant by introducing art.
Monitor the whole regeneration program and prepare an exhibition and a website.

Phase 1

Definition and limits of the zone to be treated;
To be approved by each of its owners;
This phase 1 should be treated by Valeriy Kravchenko;
Timing to be discussed.

Phase 2

Under the patronage of: Viktor D.Eryomin, Vice Rector for International Relations, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D, Rostov State University of Civil Engineering and Mister Andrei Markov;
Organise a seminar/workshop to be conducted in April 2011 by: Prof. Alexander Lazarev, Head of the Architecture and State Construction Department at the Rostov State University of Civil Engineering; Prof. Elena Mirgorodskaya, Economist at the Rostov State University of Civil Engineering; Docent Yuriy Kalinkin, Prof. of Design at the Southern Federal University, Architecture Institute. With the participation of: Sergei Meshcheryakov, Head of Department For International Education and Cooperation, Senior Lecturer, Ph.D, Rostov State University of Civil Engineering;
Several artists from Rostov;
Valerie Kravchenko;
Frederic P Coustols, DaST (Design a Sustainable Tomorrow);
+ all people involved in the community;
The seminar will include around 15 English speaking students and artists, year 4 thru 6.


Week 1
Inventory of the district.

Study of the metabolism of the district, its flora, fauna, and of its built-in structures, gardens and woods.
Calculation of the footprint of the district.
1 or 2 lectures: subject to be chosen at a later stage.

Week’s 2 & 3

Listing and quantification of the missing elements to reduce the footprint to a level compatible to the size of the zone, if possible, otherwise listing and full description of missing assets.
Architectural propositions (design, 3d) to improve the integration with the landscape of the buildings, façades, roofs, windows, parking space, rubbish site, gardens, gates, aso?
Design a Land Art project on the green belt and surrounding areas.
Imagine a structure to transform the half-moon metal building into an attractive sculpture that could become a new modern Landmark.
Prepare all monitoring tools for the follow up.
Prepare an exhibition and a website accessible to the citizens.

Week 4 

Finish all designs and the website, organize the exhibition.
Quantify detailed investments to be done, the future economies and social benefits for the community involved.
Finalize all monitoring tools for use on other sites.

Practical Organization

All students should be selected by their Professors for their intellectual ability, efficiency, and willingness to enter the future field of sustainable issues. They should all be able to live for a month in a small intensive working community.
All students should be fluent in English and live on the site for a month.
All students will be offered a reading list, starting end of December, and a visit to the site should be organized at the same time.
Accommodation in two dormitories plus meals, as well as one or two study rooms, access to wifi should be provided by (our patron Mister Andrei Markov).
Cleaning of the green belt and immediate surroundings should be done by the owner of the site

Students from Rostov State University 

Alexey Mikhlin, Ekaterina Gorbatenko, Ekaterina Petukhova, Gorelova Anastasiya,  Ivan Shcherbakov , Laura Mnatsakanyan , Madina Mindzaeva, Mariya Valaeva, Olga Kozachenko, Viktor Keller, Violetta Bitkulova, Marina.

Students from South China University of Technology

Gao Wei, Ziteng Ye, Joyce YANG.

French artist: Michel Battle.

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